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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 16, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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at montgomery bart station. they shut down bart the day after thanksgiving. today they are demanding the prosecution drop the charges for the 14 people who were arrested that day. they have a couple of other demands. the disband bart police and people who are low-income to have discounted bart ticket. they are scheduled to protest from 7:00 to 9:00 and are telling protesters to bring metal spoons but they are not saying way say they will find out when they get here. 7:00 a.m. at montgomery county basketball -- montgomery bart station. organizers of the demonstration are questioning facebook stands on free speech. half of the bart protest page was taken down and facebook said it was removed until the necessary steps were continue to verify fay the account.
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bart officials say they did not ask facebook to remove the page. more than 450 people have posted they will be attending the event. investigators believe a person may have deliberately started a fire in vallejo that break out between abandoned commercial building and an old victorian on georgia street last night. the flames spread into the home and firefighters called for backup and received help from as far away as fairfield. the red cross is helping the family who lives in the home. >> the theft of a drone own bit city of san francisco is bringing to light an entire fleet of the gadgets. the parks department purchased drones similar to this one as part of a test program in the fall. officials wanted to see if cameras would be effective to check the trees and rooftops but some citizens call it a waste of money. we will have more on the story at the top of hour. friends and family of a popular tennis coach are
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learning how fragile and fickle live can be. a memorial service was held for a young man who died of a street fight. here is that story. a final farewell to our prince. >> friends and family remembered oleg talamai, the 24-year-old died after being punched in the head during an argument last month. police arrested these two men after the attack. >> a really great guy. he will be missed. oleg talamai only immigrated in 2012. he loved tennis and was the most popular instructers at this tennis academy.
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>> always upbeat and the hardest workers i have met bringing a positive energy to work. >> the room was filled with young athlete tennis players oleg talamai pushed and inspired. >> he was the best people in the world. >> he never gave up on me when i messed up. >> there is a donation box trying to raise money so oleg talamai can be buried beside his father in belarus. 4:33. the ohio man suspected of planning to attack the united states capitol appears in federal court. he has been charged with plotting to set off bombs at capitol and shooting government officials as they came running out of the business. documents state arrest is after he posted messages online expressing support for al-qaeda and isis and met with an f.b.i. informant of the plans. france's prosecutor said 12 people have been detained for questioning over last week's
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deadly terror attacks. secretary of state john kerry met with french president hollande expressing america's solidarity and participated in a wreath laying at the kosher market. he sifted the -- visited the offices out of "charlie hebdo" where 12 were killed. yemen al-qaeda branch claimed responsibility. >> a police raid in belgium ended with two suspects dead and a dozen arrested. officers moved in on a suspected hide out last night warning what authorities say was an imminent plot to kill police in the streets and at police stations. authorities say the group had in links to the attack in paris but this investigation has been going on for weeks and the raids are a huge blow to terrorism in belgium. deadline today for napa earthquake deadlines applying for relief and now the deadline is march 31. the fund provides grants to
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repair structural damage and physical and economic losses to small businesses from the 6.30 earthquake that hit in august. the foundation increased the maximum granted to $20,000 and $25,000 for small businesses. this afternoon, students and faculty from city college of san francisco will hold a rally and march to protest the closing of the civic center campus. officials announce classes were canceled because they need seismic retrofitting and organizers say the city college lack as democratically elected board to oversee decisions. the rally begins at 12:30 and will be followed by a march to city hall. >> call it the miracle highway. for the second time in two day as baby was born on the side of highway 24 in cost cost that county. >> a woman just delivered a child. >> that happened yesterday afternoon in walnut creek far
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the memorial interchange. dad helped deliver the healthy baby boy. on wednesday a woman gave birth on highway 24. her long time partner delivered their baby. boat moms and babies are doing very well this morning. highway 24 two for two. >> congratulations. now we will check with mike and the forecast. smooth sailing for most of us this morning. there is fog out there but it is not so knick -- thick as yesterday. 49 at west postal and downtown across the golden gate bridge and ferry building, 50, and mission district and the financial district is at 50 and 40 in american canyon and not many 30's and temperatures are warmer 41 in met and palo alto is at 44. for a second we could see a little bit in the way of traffic on 680 and walnut creek.
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we still have a little bit of light. we could not see anything yesterday. east bay inland will have the fog. "spare the air" day at 57 to 61. a stray shower across the north bay the it will be 60 to 65 around the bay. up to 62 at coast. from the east bay hills you can see the tule fog coming from the fog trying to be in the middle. as far as headed influence the weekend we are in the low-to-mid 60's with varying clouds and another stray sure is possible in the north bay on sunday. we will talk about the peninsula in the northbound direction of 101 you will blocking number four lane an overturned vehicle and we have delays approaching highway 237. it is a little bit of a slow drive as you approach the area with spectator slowing southbound. drive time traffic is 580 tracy to dublin at 24 minutes. so far, so good.
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highway four antioch to concord at 14 minutes and we we southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 17-minute commute. 4:38. a cash-strapped hospital is forced to turn around ambulances. how patients at surrounding medical centers are feeling the pain. the second chance brewing in the east bay. a former san quentin inmate pays it forward after paying his debt to society. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is slow right new and we will have to find out later if it will be a friday of light traffic or the
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toxic chemicals and carcinogens are leaching into the environment. it's happening right where we live, work and play. everywhere. cigarette butts are toxic waste. let's stop the toxic litter. learn more at >> covering los altos, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back on friday morning. patience at -- patients at some
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hospitals are waiting a long time for care because people would have been turned away in pinole. the board did not accept patients drop in by ambulance because the finances worsened and dozen of employees quit. our media partner reports the waits have increaseed at kaiser permanente in richmond and they take patients as far as arrest berkeley for treatment. >> there is a lot going in to making the perfect cup of joe. our reporter brings us the story behind a cup of coffee that is brewing up a second chance for parolees. >> roasting the beans for the perfect cup of coffee has literally been the pick me up that john needed. >> i was homeless. i had no money. one set of clothes. >> after 12 years in and out of prison including san quentin he is pouring himself into a coffee
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roaster. >> i am not afraid to share my story because that is -- my past doesn't define me. >> when pitching beans to restaurants and coffee shops he has openly discussed his dysfunctional childhood that led to drugs high speed chases and illegal gun possession. >> after paying the price if his crimes, john is trying to pay it forward. he is hiring other ex offenders including juan valdez. >> if you look like you have been in prison and it makes it worse. >> like the face tattoo? >> right, a job stopper. >> it makes it hard when you have to do a background check to find a place to live. >> my heart is broken for the part of society that tends to be
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overlooked and forgotten. >> he said it has been a hard grind but if he can make it work he will create more opportunities and a sense of purpose for people would just need a chance. the raiders hold a news conference to introduce their new head coach. year, they announced hiring of jack del rio who spent flow years as the denver broncos defensive coordinator and then head coach of the jaguars. he was born in castro valley and grew up a raiders fan in hayward tomsula was introduced as the 19th head coach in 49er history with the contract four areas. the terms have not been disclosed. tomsula spent eight seasons as the 49ers defensive line coach. he will now work on filling out the rest of the coaching staff with just two assistants joining him from jim harbaugh's staff
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running back coach a firm player and a quarterback coach. >> the two who became the first to free climb el capitan released one side hoping their achievement will inspire others. >> a champagne celebration when santa rosa native jorgeson and tommy caldwell finished the climb. they relied on hands feet strength and endurance to make it up the wall. jorgeson, for him the experience is surreal. >> for men when you grab the last held you could literally feel all of the hops and desires and stress drip off of you. you are hanging there in silence, relief, joy the coolest feeling. >> he said the climb should illustrate the value of teamwork and teach people fought to give
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up on their dailies -- >> they had in place to go. but up. >> there are no ropes to lug yourself back down. you have to go to the stop. >> thankfully they had good weather the entire time. >> absolutely amazing window. it has been very dry and we need the rain and snow and evening else we normally get but it is not happening. live doppler hd shows sonoma county we have healthy radar returns and most of this wet weather is going to stay right along this line ranch and cloverdale and could dip as far south as petaluma but anything you get would be like sprinkles to .01 of rain. golden gate bridge is not foggy and not expecting it to get too foggy. we help keep an eye on the fog to see if it makes its way across.
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the winds are lighter so that is good. "spare the air" day. worst air quality is in the north bay. stray showers possibly in the north bay. more clouds and a mild week, more clouds than sunshine and a stray shower is possible across the north on sunday and the jet stream storm track dipping down close enough to tease us with the chances but not bringing us anything significant. you can see the thicker clouds to the north and the increasing sunshine headed to the south and the warmer temperatures low-to-mid 60's from say, oakland and san mateo south with upper 50's to low 60's through the north bay and inland east bay valley. as far as tonight, it will be another mild night with patchy fog and partly-to-mostly cloudy conditions in the mid-40's to nearly 50 degrees when you step outside tomorrow morning. here is a look at the suspect. the entire gulf of alaska down
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with a chance of showers across the north bay as the front flies across and the timetable from that is a good handle on it and by 5:00, it is again. fast forward through a mostly cloudy saturday with sprinkles to the north of ukiah and sunday morning into the remainly afternoon hours we. have another chance of stray showers across the north bay and less than today. seven-day forecast headed to the holiday monday, low-to-mid 60 with mostly cloudy conditions and more sunshine and mid-60's through next week. leyla gulen? we are tracking the accident in mountain view northbound 101 at old that -- at ella street a vehicle flipped and blocking one lane. it sounds like there are possible injuries with southbound traffic showing no delays. we have a fog advisory for benicia and the orange is an indication of where the fog is affecting the commute and could
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affect the cartinez so be careful into the east bay. as we talk about looking ahead we have a big construction project that will shut down the fremont street off-ramp tonight until tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. if you are coming into the city overnight you want to use harrison street exit instead. starting today american companies can now export some technologies to cubans including cell phone tvs and computers. and most americans can now travel to cuba. many with family or business will for longer have to apply for special licenses to travel to cue bam american -- cuba. there are limits on bringing goods there and out of cuba still are in place but you can bay and bring back cuban cig >> always wants to try one. >> google has suspended sales of
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the google glass as it goes back to the drawing board. hello in the tech bytes google glass is going in for a are do with the area wear device discontinued while they work on a new more affordable version. there is no word on when the new version will be available. >> gopro users can broadcast images live. they have teamed up to develop a wireless transmitter that will work with cameras and espn is using the technology during the winter x games. beer drinkers, this is for you, bud lite app will deliver an hour, 12, 24 cans. >> customers can win something for parties only available in washington dc maybe the guys on capitol hill can use a brew. >> all that help them get work done?
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absolutely. pets gone wild. the second vice in a week nor police in southern california. using snail mail can be more expensive with the price increases the postal service is planning. a look outside at the embarcadero in san francisco, you can see the noon hanging and not so much fog today. [female narrator]
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foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some birth defects before you even know you're pregnant.
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good friday morning. a look from the sutro tower down to san francisco, you can see a hint of the fog mike has been telling us about with fog most of the week. also, there could be rain coming. maybe a little. that is the separative word. >> the widow of a fallen seem sheriff deupty will be in the audience for president obama's state of the union address on tuesday. she lost her husband, dan any
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oliver, in october. he died after being shot in a motel parking lot of the the press says the suspect was in the united states illegally. the suspect also faces charges in the murder of a deputy killed on the same day as oliver. today the oakland police department is taking part in the battle of the badges by sponsoring a community blood drive. it is a competition between law enforcement and fire agencies across the western part of the country to determine which agencies can donate most blood. the blood drive is from 9:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon in the lobby area of the police administration building on 7th. you might call animal control officers dog catchers but if los angeles they could be called "alligator wranglers." cameras found eviction notices on the door of a los angeles home and animal control officers found an alligator living inside an aquarium in the yard. he measured 2.5' in length and now staying at at an animal future
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after another alligator was found, 8.5' long and it is illegal in los angeles to keep alligators without a permit. >> the alligator was waiting for the cat food they were allegedly getting. >> what is the cold of the day, the average day you can see along the bottom from early december to late march. we are in some of the darker blue. that highlight what happens going on and we will talk about the week between christmas and new years when we have our coldest temperatures. most of the country has the coldest temperatures well will into february and here is a look at the rain that will stay north of 80 today and it could push into lake tahoe in the form of light snow, light rain but that will not accumulate anything. you want spring warm, los angeles and palm springs, 74 and
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75. >> sounds beautiful. we will start off with a look at berkeley which is beautiful. i-80 headed along in the westbound direction, your headlights at the maze are starting to build and we saw a gap of traffic possibly a traffic break just occurred but everything new is re-opened and maybe some debris was in the lanes. at the bay bridge toll plaza the drive is wide open, as well, and we had both sides of the cash-paying lanes stacking up and the traffic now has moved out. question have one accident if affect, one lane blocked after a vehicle flipped so watch your travels there through mountain view. the archbishop of san francisco is old lated that pope francis will make a father a saint but not without controversy finding 21 missions in california six in the bay area, including a mission in san francisco. he is referred to as the "father
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of the missions," coming with controversy as he concerted native americans interest christians. the vatican said he is considered a holy man and the pope waived the rules requiring a second miracle for sainthood. >> health officials have confirmed that 13 new cases of measles are linked to disney theme park bringing the to the number of airborne measle cases to 39. 35 of the patients living in california and four are from parts of the western united states. most of them contracted measles after visiting disney or disney california at vendture between december 15 and 20th. get ready to pay more to mail your letters and postcards, the postal service arounds to raise rates april 26. first-class forever stamp with stay at 49 cents and it would still be good for mailing letters under an ounce but the charge for anything over an ounce goes up, post cart rates
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would increase to 34 cents and an international letter would go from $1.15 to $1.20. the proposal has to be approved by the regulatory commission. >> a stolen drone belonging to the city of san francisco is raising eyebrows and we have the explanation of why it needs not just one but nine of the high-flying devices. the security threat has a community putting the police force on alert. and where bill cosby will appear in northern california. >> we leave you with abc7 news now, looking at i-80 in san francisco. we keep on top of weather and traffic and breaking news during the break.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good friday morning everyone. that weres for joining us. the world is a happy are place. leyla gulen is here with traffic and meteorologist mike nicco is starting out with the weather. >> a "spare the air" day, number 19. the fog is out there also a quarter-mile in concord and in fairfield but no advisories. we do not expect it to be widespread. the sutro tower is more hazy than anything else. the next 12 hours milder at 39 to 50 at 7:00 and in the upper 50's to low 60's for the better part of today with mostly cloudy conditions and a stray sure is possible cross the north bay. leyla gulen is looking


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